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Chrono Trigger

Welcome to my Chrono Trigger walkthrough. My all-time favorite video game ever Chrono Trigger. If you've not played this video game, I cannot suggest it more than enough. It'S an RPG, it was originally produced on SNES and it had been afterwards ported to the PlayStation and in tend ODS. NOW I AM going to be carrying out this walkthrough series on the DS edition, but if you're playing an older version of the overall game, don't panic you can still use this guy. There isn't way too many adjustments between this and the older versions. In case you are somebody who likes to play video games to the fullest, I will be showing how to do everything there may be the doom Chrono Trigger. So hopefully, if you want any help with the game, you ought to have no problems. If you follow he before we begin like the apologize, this is the first article and it's going to be a little bit boring, there's lots of beginner stuff to debate a lot of how to play the game. Therefore if you're familiar with how chrono result in works, I am sorry article might be a bit boring. The action will kick off in the next article before we actually jump in to the game. It actually gives you a few game options and the kind of semi-important. The 1st is the game mode DS versus classic.

It just adjustments the aesthetic Fearon appearance when you're in combat I, the vintage version, is basically the SNES and the DS versions. What I'll be using it's simply the updated menu which allows you to use both screens battle settings, also a little bit important uh. Basically, when you fight there's a battle gauge that fills up depending on your character's speed so when it's filled up, you may make an action now, in case you have it, set the active when you're ready to make action, the battle will still continue. So, if you take forever to make a move, the enemies are going to keep attacking weights will pause the battle so that you can think about what you're doing it's an individual preference thing I prefer active. But if you're someone who takes to their time when you've combat when you battle battles, you might want to do wait and then movies, that's just that's simply aa cutscenes, there is no reason to carefully turn that off. Unless you desire to be more classic, like the SNES anyways before you also begin, you'll receive the name, your main character of the overall game. Unfortunately, there's a 6 character cap. Now this is chrono. He is your main protagonist of the story, and he will be with you for the majority of the overall game in your party. I am referring to him as chrono, despite the fact that I'm naming him after myself, so just keep that at heart.

Super Nintento Entertainment System and Chrono Trigger

I always refer to him as chrono chrono is your generic all-in-1 silent protagonist? He doesn't speak very much. He fights with katanas for a weapon and his elemental magic spells are lightning oriented. He'S an excellent physical damage, good magic harm, uh, the only thing he doesn't genuinely have that I wish he previously was some healing magic. But that's okay! You don't actually need that. So he's an excellent all-around character and I am hoping you like him. Cuz he's the primary hero and with that why don't we begin. Oh, oh hi, mom thanks for waking me up because my alarm clock didn't go off today. True story. Ah, oh yeah! Well the Millennial, fair, yeah! That is why I overslept! I totally didn't go to bed! Last night till 4:00, each morning cuz I was giddy over the Millennial, fair, okay, okay, I'm getting up. I swear. I want to have fun. It'S alright. Welcome to Gardea Gardea is the beautiful and high-class kingdom of peace and tranquility, now it really is celebrating its 1,000th year of being a kingdom. That'S right. The Millennial, fair, yeah head down the guidelines as well as your mom's going to be like oh yeah, by the way that adventurous friend of yours, I totally forgot her name, mom you're, pulling a professor oak on me, can't keep in mind your own grand child's name. Ah anyways. That is Luka that she is going to talk about. You can name her. I will refer to her throughout the guidebook as Luca and Luca is definitely sort of a geeky, nerdy type personality and she's. How do you put in this manner way before her period? She'S very, very intelligent?

So she won't join your party for fighting and stuff for a little bit, but you can name her today and you're likely to go, stop and see her new invention at the fair, because inventions by no means fail right right. Oh consider the cute little kitty: yeah yeah, yeah yeah he's a cute little kitty, oh incidentally grab your allowance 200 gold. Now early in the overall game. Gold is kind of hard to come by, but later in the overall game you have so very much gold. You won't know how to proceed with it, but yeah. You should grab that 200 gold. It'S useful, you do not start out with an excessive amount of gold. You can also draw up your menu. I'D say the main thing they look at right now. Is the settings see if you want to change anything there is not too too much to change off of the default stuff, but a whole lot of it really is personal taste. I'M going to be using generally the generic settings and probably the other thing worth mentioning is you can even look at all your care playable people and you can also adjust their apparatus and look at their stats. You start the menu pressing X. Crono. Doesn'T start off with too many interesting items? He has pretty fragile stats since he's level 1 and he has a wooden sword. I hide cap a hide tunic and just a little headband on his head, so that does Crito for you personally I'll review the other settings and stuff at another period. Anyways welcome to truce. This little town square here is the village of truce. The castle to the west houses Gardea castle.

The Story of Chrono Trigger

Now, if you want to bolt through the tale and get a move about and jump right into the action you're going to want to mind north up the lenez square, that's where the Millenial Faire is taking place, but I'm going to be going over the fundamentals. The beginner stuff, if you're new to the game, you should have a look around and explore everything in most cases in RPGs, it certainly is good to speak to everyone, because it can help you out with the game. Now I love creditor to death for most reasons, but among those reasons is this game. Just includes a flat-out amazing storyline, it's a work of art with regards to story, so not merely is talking to everyone help you through the game, but it's also just I. I think the people in the overall game are incredibly interesting. So definitely talk to everyone, specifically if you're new to the game. If you're familiar with the game and you're simply watching from the stall Joe reasons, you don't have to worry about it. If you know what everyone says over here is the market. This will come into play later for the present time the stalls in the Millennial Faire and there is also an inn over here now, there's Inns all throughout the game and in serve the purpose of hailing up your wellbeing and magic, there is no reason ever to stay at truce. In why? Because you could just go sleep in your home and that's free instead of ten gold, not really that ten gold will be a lot no. I've not actually gone to the fair. I know. One thousand years only happens so often, and I personally think the Millennial Good is way cooler than viewing some stupid ball drop in NY Times Square.

That'S just me! If you talk to this woman, you can buy her a drink for ten gold if you are, nice and in exchange you'll play a tune that I snes kid you not really. You