Gephi Layout Plugin: Random 3D Layout

bigRandomCubeYesterday, I released a simple plugin, Random 3D Layout to the  Gephi Marketplace here. It’s very simple, and I developed it as part of my work at NGRAIN.

For anyone working in 3D in Gephi, this will be a useful and simple initialization layout plugin. Works well with the Force Atlas 3D Plugin. Without it and using a 2D layout to initialize instead, the 3D results can sometimes be milky-way-shaped, not generally spherical as you would expect, and ultimately not taking full advantage of the third dimension.

Augmented Reality demands 3D Data Visualization

I’ve just written a post over at the NGRAIN blog, Augmented Reality demands 3D Data Visualization

As Augmented Reality (AR) continues to gain strong momentum, it is clear that data and information now have a physical 3D context, both conceptually and at the point of display. In the past, we were content with excellent 2-dimensional solutions for 2-dimensional displays, free to ignore 3D data viz as fraught with peril and difficult to execute. At a minimum, we must now wrestle with the challenge of presenting 2D visualizations in a 3D world. And, if we limit ourselves to that, we will fail.