Create: Information Tree

Today I am releasing another tool that allows users to create and export a diagram/visualisation. Today it is an Information Tree.
Click here to access the tool.

Users can:

  • Define a complete 4-level hierarchy, breaking a concept down to four levels
  • Customise some aspects
  • Export to SVG

This is an alpha release of the tool, hopefully the first of many. Any and all feedback is welcome.

Also, if you have the time and ability to do similar or better things, I invite you to contact me regarding collaboration.

One thought on “Create: Information Tree

  1. Very cool! Perhaps you might provide a sample of how the wheel might be used, even if it’s somewhat flippant of an example, to showcase how each particular visualization aids the viewer? You could use the same example for each of the structures, which would help in cross-comparison among different diagrams – or you could create different examples to show for which types of data you might select a particular kind of visualization. No need to fill in details for every subnode, but just enough to get the general drift…

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